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Asklepion Serapys Temple
Library Athena Temple Arsenal Trajaneum
The Theatre  Dionysus Temple
Agora   Gymnasium
Zeus Altar
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The Acropolis was established on a very rectengular peak. A path that is climbed by twisting about reaches this peak which heighs nearly 300 meters. In the city settlement which is called ''Acropolis'' religious, official, social and commercial construct ions are settled concentricin its unique plan Pergamon King Palaces has been settled on this Peak that has been an inhabiting place since the First Ages to now. Five tanks and ammunition are settled this Peak. The Athena Temple laid under the construction is region. Besides Library and Trainan Temple is there The Zeus Sunac (offering place of the temple) is carefully replaced in the rerrace that lays under them and one of the most rectengular theatres of the world isset there. The Gymnasium and the temple of Demeter is located on the lowest segment. All of the constructions of Acropolis due to its topographic situation stand in line from South to North, with the result of the compelling of the city path. However they are turned to the west in order to be seen by main front. The Zeus Sunac was not encircled by the colonaids in order to be seen from everyside. The sides that look to the meadow of the Agora and Athena Temenosare left open. Although these constructions were errected in various periods that la sted 150 years, the city shows a regular plan and a very succesful techtonic composition.
The theatre that the every kind of cultural movements were exhibited formed the center of techtonic composition an probably it was not by chance.